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Pre-K Emotions Workshop builds Social-Emotional Development

Pre-K Emotions Workshop builds Social-Emotional Development

Social-emotional development is an essential part of Pre-K learning. We ask questions such as "What does it look like to feel mad, sad, happy, etc?" or "How do you feel today?". So much of their learning can be based on how the children feel in a moment of frustration or happiness or pride! 

It is so important to set these students up for success by providing visuals of what different emotions may look like to be able to imitate the emotion when asked. These activities give them the power to talk about the similarities around how they may feel when expressing anger, sadness, or any of the possible emotions. 

Over the month students have read books, explored images, and even expressed their emotions visually and physically by creating works of art! The goal is to create a deeper understanding of themselves in hopes to gain an insight into the other students and people around them. 

It is easy to assume that young children know what it means to feel because it comes so naturally to us. By implementing language and expression of feelings into our classroom, we create relationships with the children and a safe space for them to express themselves. 

(Poster was created with Markers, Construction paper, glue sticks and emotion card examples. We read The Feel Good Book by Todd Parr and sang The Story Of My Feeling by Laurie Berkner during music class. We played a matching game with emotion cards, as well.) 

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