The Mead School

Pound Ridge Reimagined in 3-4-5 Cohort

Pound Ridge Reimagined  in 3-4-5 Cohort

The 3rd-5th grades students enjoyed a wonderful day together on Friday, October 30th, celebrating old and new Mead School traditions, thanks to the imagination, and fortitude of the cohort faculty. As the school could not be together at Pound Ridge Reservation, as they traditionally gather for the celebration of the solstice, the group recreated their own experience on campus.

The group started their morning learning about the history of fortune-telling and even created their own fortune-tellers and read tea leaves. They also gathered on the auditorium stage to meet the Magnificent Madame Zelinski, who dazzled them with her gift of seeing into the future! An outdoor scavenger hunt led to the discovery of 31 hidden pumpkins all over campus helping them to reveal and unscramble the 31 letters of the day's message: "THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING HERE TODAY."

The sanctity of potato roasting remained and Amy and Maggie provided the entire center with the delicious fire-roasted baked potatoes. As the fire embers were fading, the distant melody of the ice cream man could be heard and he joined in the celebration with a cart filled with tasty treats for all to enjoy!

With filled bellies and grateful hearts, everyone changed into their costumes and cozied up for a feature presentation of Inside Out in the auditorium. It was truly a magical Mead day!

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