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Toddler 3 Update - Cooperative Play

Toddler 3 Update - Cooperative Play

While there are many physical developmental stages for young children, there are also social developmental stages that we pay close attention to and encourage through play at Mead. 

Cooperative play involves children playing and working together towards a common goal or purpose. A very important skill, cooperative play prepares the students for future collaboration and cooperation necessary at school, in sports, and in other social settings.

Our Toddler 3 Center has been busy practicing this skill through such activities as building, putting together puzzles, and engaging in dramatic play. The students' dramatic play has become much more conversational of late. They take time to communicate and plan out how this play will unfold. Ladder builders and duplos are also popular, and the teachers observe the children working together and discussing their ideas. As their language develops, it is expected to see more of these moments!

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