What is the Mead School Way?
Joanne Costello, Director of Admissions and Community Relations

I am often asked,  “What distinguishes The Mead School?”  Southwestern Connecticut is heavily blessed with independent schools of all types – traditional, progressive, religiously-affiliated and learning-needs based, and ranging in size from boutique/petite to large, mini-collegiate experiences.  Within this group lies The Mead School, a coed independent day school, serving students from infancy through Grade 8.  Our mission is to inspire and challenge students to achieve deep learning and become independent, creative thinkers. 

Mead keeps the experience of the student at the heart of every decision – academically, athletically, artistically, socially and emotionally.  Every child is known here, and our goal is to help each one of them find and be their best selves by providing them with rich, multi-dimensional, cross-departmental experiences that bring learning to life, and helps them achieve learning that lasts.

How exactly do we do this?  It’s not easy.  We have mixed-grade classrooms that allow similar learners to progress together, and teachers to meet students where they are on their individual pathways.  Students are carefully scaffolded as they take risks, try and fail, succeed and flourish.  Our kids aren’t looking to be perfect, but are looking to stretch their comfort zones, and are expected to look, and look again, on a routine basis.

There is no “back of the room” at Mead.  Beginning with our earliest learners, students sit around tables to learn together, collaborate with each other and with their teachers.  We believe that asking the right question is every bit as powerful as answering the question itself.  Students learn from each other, and know that making a mistake and knowing how to rebound is an important lesson.  Students come to the table ready to share and ready to learn. 

Joanne Costello, Director of Admissions and Community Relations


Joanne Costello has been an integral member of the Mead School community for 16 years.  Currently our Director of Admissions and Community Relations, Joanne also manages the School's Advertising, Marketing and planning of Community events.  Previously, Joanne served as Director of Development for 9 years.  Her most important role of all is parent to two Mead School graduates - Andrew Costello ('08), currently pursuing his law degree at The George Washington University, and William Costello ('13), a current Sophomore at the University of Miami.