The Mead School

Welcome from The Interim Head of School

Welcome To Our School.

At Mead, we prize the fact that our children are engaged and active in learning. Work here is joyful and purposeful. Mead School students become increasingly self-aware because we provide them with experiences they should have, along with experiences they must have, to be their best selves – thoughtful, engaged and independent community members, creative thinkers and self-advocates.

Mead honors reflection. Many of our students begin their journey at Mead as infants, while others join our ranks in later years. We believe that deep learning comes through a combination of mental and physical engagement, balancing traditional skill mastery with developing a critical eye and inquisitive, unconventional  thinking. We honor our children’s perspectives and appreciate the experiences of those around us. Our graduates often defy expectation; they become engineers, oceanographers, doctors, musicians, fighter pilots, lawyers, educators, dancers, entrepreneurs and writers. We are proud that they are also thoughtful contributors to their communities.

Mead’s environment creates an atmosphere where children find their passions and learn to comfortably take some risks in ways that differ from most of our larger, surrounding schools, in a spacious building that is nonetheless intimate. Because of our size and philosophy, students expect to ask and answer hard questions, and form close relationships with their peers and teachers. Our vision, for a long time ahead of the game, is, in this unpredictable world, increasingly the education schools aspire to offer. I invite you to spend time browsing through these pages to discover more about The Mead Approach - such as unique Seven School Skills, our Mission & Philosophy and our Academic Programs.

Come to see our school. A personal visit is by far the best way to experience the Mead difference when circumstances permit, but our 360 virtual tour and a phone call will be a good start!

Peter Herzberg
Interim Head of School