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Spotlight on Pre-K

Pre-K students have been busy identifying, creating, and having lots of fun with shapes! Upon arrival each morning, Pre-K students are met with "The Question of the Day". This week it was "Which shape do you like more?".  In the featured photo, the children were asked to sign in by voting for a rectangle or a square. In morning meeting, the class counted the number of votes and made sure that it was the same as the number of children in attendance that day. 

Earlier in the week, students started to put shapes together to create drawings and really enjoyed discovering that a square with a triangle on top of it could be a house, and a thin rectangle with a large triangle on top of it looks like a tree!

In the art space, students used watercolor and stencils to create shapes. The art space offers so many learning and leadership opportunities. The class talks often about how the materials in that space are tools, not toys.

The children enjoyed a shapes scavenger hunt as well as a fine motor workshop, using tweezers to move toys from one bin to another.

CLICK HERE for photos from the week.