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Spotlight on Preschool

The opportunities for learning in the fall season are endless, and this week the Preschool Center enjoyed books, color sorting, letter painting, and discussions all centered around apples and farms!

Exploring the sensory tables was a popular and fun choice for the students this week. Sensory tables help children develop fine motor skills, language, and creativity. One of the water tables included water, apples, and scoopers. The other table held “hay” with tractors and farm animals in it. 

During outside time, teachers called students into the classroom one by one to do some apple painting. Each student dipped apples into paint and created artwork on paper that highlighted the first letter of their name. The first stage of a child learning their name occurs when they begin to recognize the shape of their initial letter and often identify that first letter as “their name”. This is an exciting start to all of the letter recognition and reading to come!

This week students also worked on a sorting and matching activity whereby each child was given three plates, red, green and yellow...the colors of apples! They were then given a cup of fruit loops and were asked to sort the fruit loops by color onto the corresponding plate. This activity helps to develop fine motor control, coordination, and concentration while reviewing basic colors and introducing the concept of sorting objects by attribute. 

CLICK HERE for photos from the week.