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Kindergarten-Grade 2 Students Explore Games

The Kindergarten-Grade 2 students have been playing and studying games during their first Student Independent Projects (SIP) experience this fall. Each Wednesday, students rotate through teacher stations where they learn how to play different board games and outdoor games. They have been exploring the idea, "Why do people, throughout history and across cultures, play games together?" 

They have observed the different feelings they have experienced while playing, discussed winning and losing, and have begun to identify the difference between games of luck versus games of skill. Some of the board games they have played so far have included, Chutes and Ladders, Hoot Owl Hoot, Mancala, Trouble, and Connect 4

One of the favorite games of the group so far has been Mancala. Yesterday, Adam led the students in a clay experience as they created their own Mancala boards!  

The students are just beginning their exploration, and are all having so much fun together! They can't wait to see where this exploration leads!

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