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Match Me! Math Activity Integrates with Physics Curriculum

Students have been studying data collection, statistical analysis, graphing, trend analysis, and practicing interpreting charts to help them understand how to turn DATA into INFORMATION, from which conjectures/conclusions/decisions can be made. This unit has been highly integrated with the Physics curriculum, to build the necessary skills to support their lab experiences.

As part of the final phase of the learning process (i.e., “Refine and Perform”), students in Math Blue and Math Green classes participated in a Match Me! activity. The objective is to walk in front of a motion sensor (Vernier CBR™) and try to match a distance-time graph in real time. The activity requires them to examine the rate of change, analyze and interpret the graph of a function, and adjust their movements.

Enjoy a brief glimpse of some students at work HERE!

Nancy Seeds, Math Curriculum Director, 6-8