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Grades 3-5 Highlights of the Week

On Monday, students in grades 3-5 took on roles as either team "Cozy Corners" or team "Field Dwellers" to act out and have a lively discussion about calling the day Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day.

When faced with the prospect of only one team ending up with a warm room and hot cocoa, our teams vocally advocated for sharing and coming together as the best way to move forward. Go Mead students, we like your resolution the best!

Third grade students also had an important lesson with Amy on "the anatomy of a paragraph". They will be working on their first three paragraph essay, so the group discussed the importance of a paragraph's framework: the main idea, the details, and the conclusion. In a photo shown in the link below, you will see two paragraphs that the class worked on as a team. The students stood in a circle and one at a time, they kept the framework in mind while each added a sentence to contribute to the paragraph.

Lastly, you have to check out photos of character sketches that the students created in Dog Man book club!

Photos from activities mentioned above are HERE.