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A Tale of Two Cohorts: Giving and Gratitude

This week the K-1-2 students worked diligently to make sketchbooks for their older peers in the 6-7-8 cohort. Each book was designed with care, and the students were very excited to be a part of a project that would bring happiness to their older friends with whom they do not have regular interaction this trimester.

When the 6-7-8 students received their sketchbooks, they were indeed very happy to have been thought of by their young friends, some of whom they haven't had an opportunity to meet in person yet! They were very grateful, and got to work on a "thank you" card to the K-1-2 students.

In a lovely sharing, the K-1-2 students read EACH name on the card, with the kids lovingly remembering the names that they knew from last year, including a few siblings. Art Director Adam Ellyson made sure to frame the presentation of the card by explaining that when you receive a gift from someone, it can make you feel really grateful and thankful. When you feel that way, you might want to reach out and let the other person or people know how receiving that gift made them feel!

Thanks, K-1-2 and 6-7-8, for showing us all the joy in giving and gratitude!!

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