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Alex, Class of 2000

Alumni Alex Peters

Mead '00

Rye Country Day '04

Princeton University '08

Mount Sinai School of Medicine '16

Doctors Without Borders

What does The Mead School mean to you?

Being at Mead provided an incredible opportunity for personal development and freedom. Mead allowed me to explore the things that interested and excited me as a child, and this opportunity offered tremendous personal growth. Mead's holistic and child-centered approach to learning fostered in me independence, and creativity. Today I am motivated and excited to learn across disciplines because of the open-minded, engaged, and interdisciplinary learning environment that exists at Mead.

Jesse, Class of 2004

Alumni JesseMead '04

Joel Barlow High School '08

Brown University '12

Teach For America in June 2012 - 2014

Tulane University School of Law, Class of 2018

What does The Mead School mean to you?

It is unbelievable that it has been almost a decade since I left Mead. However, the Mead School still means a tremendous amount to me. Mead showed me how to have a voice and be confident enough to use it. I learned that it was okay (and a good thing) to stand up for what I believed and perhaps more importantly how to do that.

Zara, Class of 2005

Alumni Zara Ilahi

Mead '05

The Masters School '09

Barnard College '13 (Neuroscience and Behavior Major)

The American University of The Caribbean School of Medicine '17

What aspects of Mead (passions etc.) do you carry with you today?

While my academic interests have shifted from humanities to science, aspects of Mead that I carry with me today are seen in my every day behavior. Mead has given me confidence to be an individual and has also given me a broader perspective in social dynamics. During Mead, I had several "processes" with my teachers. The skills that I learned in these discussions have helped me tremendously, both in my academic world and in my social world, as it taught me how to express myself while still taking into consideration other people's views. Also, during my time at Mead, I was always encouraged by my teachers to explore different areas. Whether it was a new musical instrument, a different acting role, or a new kind of book, I was always trying new things. This learning curiosisty that I developed at Mead has carried on with me to this day, as I still like the challenge of going out of my comfort zone to learn new things.

Kelsey, Class of 2010

Alumni Kelsey

Mead Class of 2010
Stamford High School - Class of 2014
Southern Connecticut State University - Class of 2019

What does The Mead School mean to you?

Mead was so much more to me than just a school. It was a home away from home for 14 years. When I hear “The Mead School” I think of a place that pushes you to see the very best in yourself. It’s not so much the school itself, I guess, it's more the people in it that make it what it is. Teachers connect with you in a genuine and authentic way.

Sarah, Class of 2011

Alumni SarahMead '11

Westhill High School '15

Vassar College - Class of 2019

What aspects of Mead do you carry with you today?

The single most important aspect of Mead that I carry with me today is a love of learning. This is instilled in Mead students at an early age, and persists for the rest of their lives. This lifelong enthusiasm for seeking knowledge is something that will continue to enhance a student's life during the remainder of their academic career. Many non-Mead students lose this joy of learning early in thier schooling and begin to see school as a chore. This attitude is one of the best things I could have gained throughout my Mead education.

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Mead graduates live all over the world, studying or working in industries as interesting and varied as our grads themselves.

Our Alumni include students, educators, bankers, actors, musicians, scientists, physicians, business leaders, lawyers, homemakers, artists and writers.

They consistently return to our community to participate in school events, assist in our fundraising campaigns, and volunteer to act as chaperones for our school trips.

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