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Valuing Diversity

Director of Diversity Aneceia Forbes

As Mead's Director of Diversity, I am thrilled to work in a community that truly values the meaning of diversity and multiculturalism. At Mead, diversity goes beyond just race. Our Diversity Mission Statement is more than just words on a page—it is a living document that guides our actions. Our commitment to the diversity mission requires us to not only be conscious of our choices, but to continuously reflect on them. It compels us to be completely open with each other.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our students develop the skills to appreciate, understand, and celebrate the differences and similarities in each of us. That is why every faculty member has personally dedicated themselves to providing a non-biased, multicultural education. It is also why we have a Diversity Action Committee. Made up of faculty and parents, the committee's mandate is to enhance the School's multicultural environment and to serve as the community's mirror, ensuring our actions always remain consistent and honest with our mission.

Aneceia Forbes-Dias
Director of Diversity



A Diverse Community

Diversity Mission Statement

The Mead School is dedicated to developing and nurturing a diverse community. We seek to create a school culture and curriculum that cultivates open minds, recognizes similarities and honors differences, and includes a diversity of perspectives. We want our students to develop an understanding of themselves in relation to their community and the world, and to empower them to use the Seven School Skills to affect change.

Definition of Diversity

Diversity at Mead School means acceptance and respect for similarities and differences inherent in all human beings. Understanding diversity is central to creating a cooperative and vibrant society. Learning, exploring and seeking to understand one another and the various dimensions of diversity including but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, learning styles, physical abilities, religious and political beliefs, deepen participation in the community and the world. At the Mead School, we strive to provide experiences that empower and prepare children to become successful participants in their society.

Diversity In The Curriculum

Students and teachers are continuously challenged to broaden their knowledge base to develop a curriculum embedded with perspectives, histories, cultures, and contributions of diverse groups.


Change is the result of genuine learning. At The Mead School, students use the Seven School Skills (To Act, To Respect, To Imagine, To Think, To Express, To Receive, To Intuit) as tools to enhance and deepen their learning. Through its commitment to social and emotional development, a Mead School education encourages students to learn empathy. Students can imagine the possibilities for change in the world and have the freedom to choose if, how, when and where to act on their values.