The Mead School

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing, reviewing and approving the School’s mission and policies. It is also ultimately responsible for the financial well-being of the School.

The Board is comprised of current and past parents/guardians, alumni and members of the community at large. Traditionally, the Board invites the faculty to nominate two of its members to be elected to serve as trustees for staggered terms. The President of the Parent Association is also elected as a trustee. The Head of School is ex officio a member of the Board. All trustees hold in trust the good of the School as a whole; they are not elected as representatives of specific constituencies.

Throughout the year, the Board’s work is accomplished through its committees. Trustees chair each committee, but members are drawn from the Board, the faculty and the School community. Board committees include Executive, Marketing, Trusteeship, Diversity, Buildings and Grounds, and Finance.

The Head of School, the administration and the faculty are responsible for the operation of the School in accordance with the School’s mission and policies as established by the Board of Trustees. The Board’s work does not include, for instance, deciding on textbooks and curriculum, hiring, supervising and dismissing faculty or setting employee salaries. Moreover, the Board does not hear complaints or sit as a court of appeal over the Head of School’s decisions. The Head of School has ultimate jurisdiction regarding the operation of the School.

Board of Trustees 2019 - 2020

  • Jim Brown, Co-Founder, Browns Educational Consultants
  • Richard Canning, Chair, P ’08, ’16, ’17
  • Robert A. Cook, Director of Studies, The Harvey School
  • Jeremy Grob, Staff Trustee, P '19
  • Peter Herzberg, Founding Principal, Boys Prep Bronx Elementary School
  • Darleen Hickok, Staff Trustee, P '19
  • Tabassum Ilahi, Recording Secretary, P '05
  • Matt Ives, Upper School Head, The Masters School
  • David Johnson, Treasurer, P '17, '20
  • Jenny Lake, P '24
  • William Low, Legal Secretary, P ’90, ’92, ’96
  • Isadora Rose, President of The Parent Association, P '25
  • Robyn Santagata, Director of Child Care, P ’08, ’10
  • Nicole Stamatelos, P '17, '20
  • Carrie Vomacka, P '19
  • Stephanie Whitney, Head of School
  • J. Becket Wolf, P '23, '26
  • Dan Woyke, Class of 1994