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Why is Mead joining the AltSchool network?

The Mead School is one of a handful of schools across the nation to be selected from hundreds of applicants to be a partner school within the AltSchool Network. We chose to work with AltSchool due to the close alignment of their mission of “enabling all children to reach their potential” and Mead’s mission of “inspiring and challenging students to achieve deep learning and become independent, creative thinkers.”

As a partner school in the AltSchool Network, using Mead’s own curriculum, and in the manner deemed best by Mead School educators, we will be able to leverage AltSchool’s proprietary platform to deliver a truly personalized academic, social and emotional learning experience to our students.

What is AltSchool?

AltSchool is an education and technology company with an operating system that enables whole-child, personalized learning for all students. It is a growing community of educators working to transform education for all students. AltSchool blends traditional education with high-tech tools to enable each child to reach his/her potential.

The AltSchool platform supports personalized, whole-child learning that:

  • Drives students’ agency & autonomy
  • Empowers educators to:
    • deepen practice
    • provide curriculum continuity
    • improve the quality and efficiency of their teaching,
  • Enhances transparency among students, educators, and families

AltSchool's Mission

AltSchool’s vision is to “enable all children to reach their potential”. The AltSchool Network currently includes 14 progressive partner schools across the U.S., along with its own lab schools who share the aim of transforming educational experiences for children.

AltSchool is the brainchild of former Google executive, Max Ventilla, who founded the school in answer to the question “what kind of education will prepare my daughter for the future?” His daughter was only 2 years old and preschool planning was very much top-of-mind. Max understood that she would be growing up in a very different world than he had, and that her future would demand that she be capable of creating her own path, instead of following one that was pre-ordained. In a future that would undoubtedly require technology, Max set about the challenge of personalizing education, while minimizing screen time. For the past five years, AltSchool has been building a technology-enabled network to empower and connect families, students, and teachers.

How do Mead School and AltSchool align?

Mead School’s long-established learning standards very closely parallel the AltSchool platform’s student milestones. Like Mead, AltSchool milestones are not only geared to measure academics, but also are designed to capture social and emotional growth as well. AltSchool’s platform takes Mead School’s commitment to whole-child, personalized learning to a new level, adding robust communication tools and setting best practice measures for academic, social and emotional development and progress.

What does it mean to be a partner school?

Being a partner school allows Mead to leverage AltSchool’s software and services platform and benefit from being part of The AltSchool Network. The AltSchool Network is a group of progressive partner schools across the nation, who share a common vision of whole-child, personalized learning. The AltSchool platform will enable Mead to benefit from other partner schools’ experiences and expertise, as well as allow partner schools benefit from ours. Together, we are transforming the educational experience to better prepare our students for a successful future. There are currently 14 schools in the AltSchool Network nationwide.

How will AltSchool be used in the classroom?

AltSchool does not provide curriculum. It enables Mead School in delivering its own curriculum in the manner best suited to each student.

More than just a learning management system, the AltSchool platform is a learner-centric system of tools and services that helps educators personalize instruction for each child, in a way that reflects both real-world and digital learning, group and individual instruction, and academic, social and emotional growth.

The AltSchool Platform is a resource that supports classroom instruction and deepens each student’s experience and practice. The platform offers solutions for all stages of learning, including academic and non-academic goals, personalized curriculum, documentation & assessment, and engagement with parents. Teachers will use the AltSchool platform to manage student learning in their classrooms, track student performance, document learning and share student work

Is AltSchool really online learning?

No. AltSchool is not online learning. AltSchool allows Mead School educators to design and manage student-centered learning experiences. Sometimes this may mean using online programs, but AltSchool is meant to personalize learning, empower teachers, engage students, all while minimizing screen time.

How much time will students spend online?

The time spent online or on devices will vary from teacher to teacher and lesson to lesson. AltSchool helps teachers quickly track and manage a wide variety of learning experiences, the majority of which take place “offline”. This is the unique advantage of AltSchool’s platform, it allows teachers to capture and share naturally emergent learning.

How will parents use AltSchool?

Initially, the AltSchool platform will primarily be used by Mead School faculty as a learning management tool to create & communicate lessons, help set student goals, and personalize learning for each student. Once the AltSchool platform is up and running, parents will have access to “Stream”, where their child’s teacher will be able to share updates about their child’s learning. Parents will also be able to check-in on their own child’s work towards key learning goals.

How does AltSchool manage data security?

AltSchool is committed to ensuring the highest of security standards in storing and managing all student data. Student data can only be accessed by:

● administrators and educators of the school

● parents can only access their own child(ren)’s data

● limited support staff of AltSchool.

● Any data shared within the network will be “anonymized” and “aggregated”. Personally identifiable information will not be shared within the network.

Additional information about AltSchool

Learn more about AltSchool and their learner-centric approach.