The Oregon Trail

As part of their study of western expansion in American history, the 3rd and 4th grade social studies class experienced the Oregon Trail this week. The interactive activity, led by trail master Zeke (a.k.a. Adam Ellyson, Art Curriculum Director) tasked students with navigating across the Mead campus in groups with 3 wagons in tow. What began as a simple hike quickly increased in difficulty, requiring students to work together.

Buffalo stampedes, toll collectors, rivers, deep woods, mountains, illness, and injury all had to be overcome by students. Mid-way through the trip, a special campfire lunch of baked beans and hot dogs was enjoyed followed by students dancing the Virgnia Reel. Vendors and merchants were also met at significant locations along the way, true to the original Oregon Trail.

Special thanks to the 3rd and 4th Grade Social Studies Team (Adam Ellyson, Heidi Helmer and Arona Smotrich) for organizing the event as well as all of the faculty who participated.

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