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Students Learn About Photography

Photographer Nate Gibbons recently visited the Mead campus and talked with students about the history of photography and photographic processes. In two hands-on workshops, Gibbons demonstrated how to create light-sensitive paper. Students then collected objects to place on the paper before exposing it to sunlight. Over a five minute exposure the outline of the objects was fixed into the paper. Students were captivated by the chemical reaction which turned the paper from a dull yellow to a deep blue color.

As a special treat Gibbons used an antique bellow-style camera to take a tintype photograph of the preschool - grade 8 students and faculty. The photograph was developed on site in Gibbons' mobile darkroom built into the back of his truck. A scan of the image can be viewed at the link below and the actual tintype will be shipped to Mead in 2-3 weeks. Special thanks to Adam Ellyson, Art Curriculum Director, and parent Jonathan Piper for organizing this event!

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