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6th Grade Marine Science Out at Sea

The boat's educators then led the class in a plankton tow and showed the class their catch on the large-screen video microscope. They saw many different types of plant and animal plankton. Next, the crew performed a "Bio Dredge," pulling up many different shelled creatures, sponges, small fish, and crabs. The students were able to examine and learn about each creature. Their final catch of the day was done with an "Otter Trawl," which netted a school of Porgy (Scup), a Summer Flounder, and a young Dogfish shark! The educators taught the students about the lifestyles and adaptations of each creature.

It was a beautiful day, the class had the chance to see animals they cannot see during their land-based trips to Cove Beach, and a good time was had by all participants!

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Soccer Season Begins

Our Grades 3-5 Soccer team began the season with a exciting game on Tuesday afternoon taking on the Fraser Woods School team at home.

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